Why Flooding and Mold is Typically not Covered by a Home Insurance Policy in Florida

Why Flooding and Mold is Typically not Covered by a Home Insurance Policy in Florida

Home insurance in Florida covers many disasters such as a hurricane, water damage, and tornadoes, but it does not cover flooding. Considering the amount of rainfall we get in South Florida, it’s a wonder why this type of insurance is not offered in the same policy. You, like thousands of other new homeowners, may think you are covered for a flood when you insure your home, but in reality, you need a separate policy for that natural occurrence. At Coastal Choice Insurance, we’ve got you covered. We can set you up with the perfect flood insurance policy that makes sure your property is protected from flooding and that you are not caught off guard when and if a natural disaster such as a hurricane or tropical storm hits your community. Even though it is the law, the cost of flood insurance does not have to break the bank. 

At Coastal Choice Insurance, we can provide a policy that covers you separately for flooding. Luckily, this type of insurance is relatively inexpensive. You may think you don’t think you need this type of insurance, but if you are on a flood plain, FEMA will require it, which means your lender will require it. It may make it harder for you to get a mortgage from a reputable lender if you don’t carry this type of insurance. What else is not covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy?

If you suspect you have mold, you are not alone. With Florida’s oppressive high heat and humidity levels throughout the year, many Florida homeowners have mold without even realizing it. The answer to whether or not mold is covered in your present policy isn’t black and white.  As a homeowner, you should know that your homeowner’s policy doesn’t always guarantee mold coverage. In almost all cases, mold damage caused by flooding is not covered. You will need to purchase a separate policy or addendum to your present policy. So, if you have a flood insurance policy and your home is flooded due to heavy rains, a hurricane, or another act of nature, mold removal and repairs necessitated by flooding should all be covered. Mold damage is only covered on your regular home insurance policy if it’s related to a covered peril like water leaks associated with a broken appliance, a burst hot water heater, or a fire caused by no fault of your own. It’s essential to understand that the amount your policy may pay for mold repair and removal may not cover all the damages. In any case, it’s best to speak with one of the experienced agents at Coastal Choice Insurance to ensure that you are adequately covered in the event your home suffers mold.

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By working with the expert home insurance agents at Coastal Choice Insurance, you can be sure that we will help you select the best policy for your specific situations. We will always make sure your property is shielded from flooding and other types of disasters that Florida is prone to. But to get the right policy for your needs, it is essential to talk to a company and an agent you can trust and feel secure with. The dedicated team of agents at Coastal Choice Insurance is the perfect choice for all your insurance needs, whether it’s home, commercial, auto, or life. Relying solely on your home insurance policy in Florida to protect you is a mistake that many first-time homeowners make because no one has informed them.  But you do not have to be one of them. Instead, you can ensure that you get the quality protection you need with the right flood policy help from Coastal Choice Insurance. Coastal Choice Insurance is a commercial insurance agent dedicated to helping business owners like you secure the necessary amount of insurance coverage you need in case of a natural disaster such as fire, hurricane, tornado, flooding and mold, and other damages to your business such as theft and vandalism. We also provide worker’s compensation insurance quotes, so your employees are protected from harm. We’ve been serving the entire state of Florida for many years and would like to help with all your insurance needs. Call today at (877) 778-9295.