Auto Insurance: Why You Need It

Auto Insurance: Why You Need It

It’s no myth that Florida drivers aren’t the best. The state gets a bad reputation throughout the country for this very reason. While this is one reason everyone should have auto insurance, there are tons of other ones that have nothing to do with the state and everything to do with safety and liability. There’s probably nothing you do that comes without risk, including driving. Even if you are on the road and do everything to perfection, someone else could do something wrong and cause an accident involving your vehicle. When this happens, it doesn’t always matter whose fault it was; the point is that the risk was there, and something did happen. While accidents are preventable and are uncommon, you still are required to have insurance to a minimal degree in the state of Florida. If you aren’t sure what the many reasons are, don’t worry, our team at Coastal Choice Insurance breaks it down.

Accident Protection

Accident protection is necessary to have regardless if you are a good driver or not. Whether you hit someone else or someone else hits you, having auto insurance will lessen the financial burden of the accident. Besides the fact that auto insurance is mandatory for anyone operating a vehicle, it helps your wallet big time. If someone gets hurt in an accident you caused, the payout can be as high as $15,000. Without insurance, you may have to go out of pocket to pay for this. Also, you are likely to either get slapped with a ticket for driving without insurance, best case scenario. Worst case scenario, you could get jail time. With insurance and an injury, you don’t have to worry about anything unless the injuries ensued were very severe. But in most situations, your insurance company will be able to settle with their attorney, not costing you a dime. Your insurance company can also vouch for you if someone else hits your car. After an accident, you will tell them your side of the story and let them handle the rest. Proving you were the victim is a lot easier said than done when you don’t have an insurance company on your side.

Damage That is Out of Your Control

Similar to homeowners’ insurance, you get auto insurance for the what-if situations. These situations, although rare, could happen to anyone, including you. Failing to get insurance because you think that would never happen to me is not logical. You always need insurance because not everything is in your control. Similar to an accident where someone else hits your car, incidents such as fire damage, natural disaster damage, and pest damage can happen to your vehicle. For instance, living in Florida puts many of your possessions at risk of hurricane and storm damage. You may do everything in your power to protect your car from the aggressive wind speeds, but sometimes the natural elements are just too strong and can do some damage. When this happens, you don’t want to have to go out of pocket for something that isn’t your fault, right? Well, with auto insurance, you don’t have to. Your insurance company will cover these out of your control damages.

Uninsured Protection

This reason may sound like an oxymoron, but it makes sense once broken down. Auto insurance protects you from people who don’t have it. If someone else on the road hits your car and causes an accident, and they do not have auto insurance, you’re going to have a difficult time receiving the compensation you deserve. While some accidents do not cause much damage to your car, some do. Imagine if your car got totaled or you had to go to the hospital from an accident caused by someone with no insurance. Who would pay for it? With auto insurance, you can trust your insurance company will pick up the other persons slack and keep you from spending thousands on a new car and medical bills.

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Without auto insurance, you are putting yourself in a rough position. You can’t trust other drivers on the road, so why put all your trust in them instead of an insurance company? With insurance, you can at least feel comfortable knowing your car and your health are protected. To learn more about the importance of auto insurance, give our team at Coastal Choice Insurance, located in Florida, a call today at (877) 778-9295.